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This group isn't a playground. Like real life, nothing works without rules on our group. The rules arrange the "life" on our group.

  1. Don't sell or buy.
  2. Don't insult members.
  3. Don't be racist.
  4. Don't spam or flood.
  5. Don't advertise.

Breaking one or more rules will lead to a mute, kick or ban. To report rule-breakers use /report.

Advertise With Us

Got a product or service that will make the life of carders easier? Then X-Force Group is the right place to advertise it.

Why advertise with us?
Our group has been featured in numerous carding sites, won numerous awards, and is the most trustable group on the carding world. Getting a service placement through us will not only bring high quality visitors to your service but also gets you massive brand recognition in the space.

What's the prices?
• 1 Month: $500
• 3 Months: $1350 (-10% OFF)
• 6 Months: $3000 (-15% OFF)
• 1 Year: $4800 (-20% OFF)

Ads are rotative by ID, means AD 1 displays then AD 2, then AD 3, etc...

How to proceed?
Contact @xforce_support_robot asking for advertisement service.

Beware of impostors, make sure you're contacting @xforce_support_robot, we suggest you to click the previous link.

Need more customers?
In case you want more customers you can advertise on CyberCarders, one of the best and active carding forums.